We are not quite "Consultants"

The function of Yasna Startup Academy is simple, we strengthen your practical & theoretical knowledge of business functions. Combine this with your technical knowledge of your business, you will be ready to take on the world!


Start-Up's face enough challenges in their life cycle. Having a great idea, unfortunately, doesn't reward you with the business acumen required to sustain your business.

We work on a simple policy. We will only take on work with you if we can provide value for you. You will be asked for your business plan/idea and we will arrange a informal chat or meeting to understand in more detail. Once we are both happy, we set a plan of action.

Why are we not quite "Consultants" because we don't just tell you what to do and visit you for an hour a month. We will work with you side by side, as a member of the team.

Meet Some of Our Clients & Partners 



Resolve Consultants

BCS Chartered Institute for IT Mentor & Ambassador 

Virgin Startup Mentor 

Prince Trust Mentor


Reward Technology

Invoke Software


Mass Challenge

Impact Hub

Google Campus

London Co-Investment Fund



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