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After a slow start to the year for businesses over fears and concerns over Brexit, the community has united in the belief that self-preservation and sustainability is utmost importance. Yasna Startup Academy’s focus to international reach has seen the addition of new clients throughout Europe, these include Paris, France and Berlin, Germany.

President Macron’s commitment to creating a new image in France of being the hub for startups in Europe has certainly not been in jest. The creation on Station F, Europe’s largest startup Hub, with key partners in the form of Facebook, Google,

The French president has carefully cultivated a tech-savvy image, leading by example for the rest of the nation, promoted a steady drumbeat of high-profile events, and even pushed through a raft of economic and labour reforms to make his country more appealing to investors. But France continues to lag Britain in tech-related investments and in the business of artificial intelligence. Start-ups still face challenges in scaling up. And a lot of seed funding comes from the French government itself. This is where Yasna Startup Academy aims to bridge the gap, our work with startups will provide a crucial element for France’s and Mr Macron’s promise.

German start-ups enjoyed a record year in 2017, with investment in newly-launched companies jumping 88 per cent to €4.3bn. The sharp rise in funding was driven by a string of big investments in relatively mature businesses, such as meal-kit service HelloFresh and food delivery company Delivery Hero, both of which were listed on the stock market last year.

Berlin-based businesses accounted for the lion’s share of funding, drawing 70 per cent of the country’s total start-up investment, bolstering the German capital’s claim as home to one of Europe’s most prolific start-up scenes.

Both France and Germany are gradually catching up with London, according to recent research. A report issued last year by Atomico, the London-based venture capital company, found that France had outstripped the UK for the overall number of deals for the first time in five years. However, the amount of money invested in the UK was markedly higher.

Rather than live on their growing reputation, both countries have taken steps to ensure sustainable growth and stamp their authority on this exciting space. The view is to help with expansions locally as well as UK market and internationally. Taking advantage of our global partnerships with globally established organisations.


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