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Far East Expansion – International Accelerator Programme

The exciting developments continue for Yasna Startup Academy. In June 2018 our work with a South Korean Accelerator took shape delivering a programme, facilitating six of the UK’s most innovative Tech Startups. A six month programme working on some of the most advanced projects in South Korea including, Smart Cities, Finance, Cyber Security and Telecoms.

The programme brings together an international line up of over 80 different startups from all over the world these include, Germany, Israel, USA, China, Japan, Argentina and Brazil.

Innovation is everywhere. Silicon Valley is no longer the centre of the tech universe: Berlin is a creative hub, Seoul has a vibrant startup ecosystem, Tel Aviv is the leader in security software, London has a growing financial tech centre, Shenzhen is ground zero for hardware startups.

With thousands of accelerator programmes globally, to be part of one of the biggest international project, in one of the most vibrant locations in the world, is a true honour. Our focus at Yasna is around delivering quality over quantity. This is why we work with small numbers, ensuring that we work intimately with them to ensure maximum exposure during an intense 6 month period. We focus on the following:

· Quality of startup education and training

· Connections to global strategic partners

· Access to local venture capital

· Worldwide reach and network

· Reputation and brand

Yasna has been fortunate enough to be continuing our strong relationship with the South Korean’s and will continue our work throughout the East. Exciting times ahead!


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